Addrress Jointly To EIIR Canada And British Columbia : A Political Challenge Regarding Continued Taxation Practices In Treaty Absences :Questions From Consecutively Settled Sovereign Indigenous Peoples : CSSP

SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST
TAXATION : Opportunity & Justification : Inequities suffered by Canada's indigenous Peoples : EIIR Canada collection of taxation revenues : Where Canoe Peoples Absolute Monarchies paramountcy claims are superseding Ship Peoples Constitutional Monarchical occupancy in absence of valid treaties; then, is there a justifiable claim for remediation and indemnity resolutions similar to war reparations IF the UN Charter, Chapter VII (illicit military occupancy) is found to be applicable through the ICC considerations of the full disclosures to be filed subsequent to the 2013 original preliminary brief dispatched to the Prosecutor's Office; can CSSPs be recognized as the primary taxation authority through universal doctrines ? These questions arise through specific claims filed to the OIPC by aggrieved CSSPs currently being prosecuted by Canada Revenue Agency petitions for "outstanding amounts due" in non-treatied territories in "British Columbia"; plus, a catalogue of grievances files in matters of EIIR Canada seizing real estate titles into Canada constitutional monarchical portfolios; even in events where EIIR Canada has "recognized" CSSP's rightful and original title ... Claimants have submitted that HBC's claims of acquiring rightful land titles is entirely specious and, in fact, ultra vires to the HBC Charter (which expired in 1697) - failing to achieve British parliamentary endorsement.
Elizabeth II and British Columbia have both received advance notice of claim in these matters since 2005; with copied information having been filed before the UK parliament; the EU; the UN; and, the IACHR. In BC, judicial decision making by the Supreme Court in 2016 reveals in the transcripts that - in the mind of EIIR - the absence of treaty has no legal merit when considering the jurisdictional authority of a BC statute in a federally registered, non-treatied First Nations territory. And, further, Rocky Mountain Kelly Lake Cree Nation (10 million acres in northern BC) continues to assert land title claim through blood samples filed with the international blood registry - claiming consecutive settled sovereign political paramountcy originating some 13,500 years ago.
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